Internet Solutions

Comvergence delivers Business-Grade Internet to all states in Australia.

We deliver our services exclusively to business customers and can therefore offer fast throughput and high availability.

Comvergence understands the need for robust and reliable connections and thereby provides Business-Grade Tails from your premises to the Comvergence Network, from suppliers including Nextep (NEC), Nextgen, Pipe Networks, Optus and Telstra

Business Internet Options:

  • EFM  (10-70Mbps High-Speed Synchronous Solution)
  • Eline
  • ADSL 2
  • NBN
  • Fibre and Ethernet (POA)
  • Wireless

Why use Comvergence to provide your Internet Solution?

All Comvergence internet solutions include:

  • Quality of Service (QOS)
  • High availability (core network target (99.99%)
  • Australian support
  • 3G backup solution
  • Single or multiple routed static IPs
  • Generous data allowances and low excess traffic rates
  • Traffic measured for downloads only
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)

Additional services available:

  • Router Management, rental and hardware purchase
  • Automatic backup using 3G or ADSL while maintaining the same Static IP Address
  • Email and Text notifications of availability

Further Information

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