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NBN – The NBN service is a good alternative if you are running your Internet and Cloud PBX on ADSL services.

NBN/ADSL 2 ServicesInstallationMonthly Cost [500GB]
Up to12/1Mbps$150.00$75.00
Up to 25/5Mbps$150.00$95.00
Up to 50/20Mbps$150.00$130.00
Up to100/40Mbps$150.00$175.00
ADSL 2$99.00$88.00

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EFM – Ethernet service (Ethernet in the first mile) which is a cost effective symmetrical and uncontended service capable of delivering up to 70Mbps. The EFM service is suitable for businesses that are highly reliant on Internet connectivity and demand a high-speed synchronous service. All EFM circuits are delivered with end-to-end quality of service so essential business services like voice, data and mission critical applications can be prioritised.

EFMInstallationMonthly Cost [500GB]
Up to 10Mbps - 4 Wire$250.00$200.00

Eline – A highly reliable synchronous connection service delivered from 2Mbps to 70Mbps for companies that need stable synchronous connections e.g. web-based conferencing.

ElineInstallationMonthly Cost [500GB]

Fibre  – A premium service that is scalable and capable of running all IP applications with multiple QOS and VLAN settings.

Fibre (CBD) InstallationMonthly Cost [1TB]

ADSL  – A business service providing connectivity to all available businesses. All ADSL 2 Annex A/M require a standard PSTN phone line to activate the service.

  • Eline,EFM and Fibre services are based on 36 month contracts.
  • All ADSL/NBN services are based on 12 month contracts.
  • EFM/Eline pricing is based on a minimum of 4 – 16 wire copper services.
  • Excess traffic charged at 10c per 1GB or additional traffic can be purchased at $100 per TB
  • Single Static IP provided for each connection
  • Additional Routed IPs charged as follows:
    • 4 IP Addresses /30 – $22.00 per month
    • 8 IP Addresses /29 – $33.00 per month
    • 16 IP Addresses /28 – $44.00 per month
  • PSTN (Telstra) Re-billed Telephone Line (if required for DSL Service) is $34.95 per month. Connection Charge for in-wiring is $59.00, Connection Charge if wiring to First Socket/MDF with Tech Visit required is $299.00.
  • Prior to provisioning an order, all sites must be qualified for the appropriate service.
  • Typical timeframe for standard ADSL/NBN service is 10 working days, Eline/EFM 25 working days and Ethernet/Fibre 50 working days.

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