Virtual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Network, provides site-to-site, secure and reliable communications between your business locations. VPNs allow you to share information between your sites locally, nationally or overseas via a range of access mediums including Fibre, NBN, EoC, Ethernet, and 4G.

VPNs have multiple applications including remote office access to your network from other branches or office locations as they allow for software to be managed centrally (e.g. Citrix/Pronto). VPNs can also support converged applications such as VoIP and Video Conferencing.

Comvergence VPN services run over our own National MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) Network. This technology allows for your data to be transferred between sites in a quick and secure manner. Data carried across the network is prioritised and given higher priority than normal IP traffic providing low latency, higher throughput than conventional internet VPN services, better quality for VoIP and Video Conferences and security that is comparable to frame relay and ATM networks.

To ensure that the Private Network cannot be breached by unauthorised parties over the public internet, Internet Access is not included by default. Internet access can be provided as a separate service, generally at a breakout point on the Comvergence network via a managed firewall. All traffic destined for the Public Internet from each location can then be routed to the central secure breakout point. The advantages of having a managed firewall are that all security for each site can be managed via one interface and that it improves the overall resiliency of the Internet. Each site is independent of the head office for Internet connectivity.

Virtual Private Network Configuration (Managed Firewall, Internet breakout and DMZ)

Comvergence’s Virtual Private Network Service

Comvergence’s Virtual Private Network Service includes;

  • Support for Point-to-Multipoint IP WANs
  • Full Layer 3 QOS enabled to support prioritisation of multiple traffic types and grades
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and committed bandwidth options allow full support for real-time applications such as video, voice and mission critical data applications
  • No traffic charges
  • High availability (core network target – 99.99%)
  • Fully managed Cisco Powered Layer 3 Core
  • Backup Services available via 4G or NBN/EoC
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Dedicated Support Team

What do you need for the service?

The Virtual Private Network Service uses the same equipment you would normally use to connect to the Internet. Comvergence recommends the use of Cisco Equipment on the network as we can provide configuration assistance and router management with this equipment.

For IP-based connections, any modem/router that supports PPPoE will work.

Access Types and Availability

 NBN/ADSLFibreEoC/EFM/Ethernet4GCorporate Wireless
AvailabilityADSL+2 available Nationally at all enabled exchangesAvailable at Most exchange areas Nationally.Subject to availability at local exchangeAvailable Nationally wherever Vodafone has coverageAvailable in the Metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide
Availability is dependent on Exchange
Available as Fast Ethernet
Availability is dependent on Exchange
Service TypesStandard Grade
QOS Supported
Corporate (1:1)
QOS Supported
Corporate (1:1)
QOS Supported
Standard GradeCorporate (1:1)
QOS Supported
Phone Line RequiredA standard PSTN/Analogue line is required for the ADSL 2 service.NoNoNoNo

Virtual Private Network Access Services

Internet Breakout

AccessSpeedSetup CostMonthly Cost
Notes: Internet breakout includes 150Gb
Excess data charged at $2.50 per Gb (Gigabyte)
Additional Internet data can be purchased at $50 per 50Gb

Managed Firewall

All prices Include GST.
All services above exclude routers (see hardware section)

Further Information

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