Hosted Firewalls

Security has become a major focus point of companies as many now rely on online transactions in the form of email, Web-based applications, B2B transactions, IP Voice and many other applications that affect day-to-day business operations.

Comvergence deploy a number of different security solutions from Fortinet, a global security solution provider, that meet all regulatory and corporate governance standards required to protect a company’s integrity and high availability from malicious attacks.

The following security solutions are available from Comvergence:

  • Hosted Firewall
  • External VPN Tunnels
  • Remote Access
  • Content Filtering (Website control)
  • Web-based Antivirus

What makes the Comvergence Solution different?

  • Protect your network from the perimeter of your network
  • Managed services reduce your IT overheads
  • No capital cost
  • High Availability as Firewalls are operated across multiple hosts in our Vmware environment
  • Dedicated Support Team

Firewall Services

Comvergence Firewall services are offered in a range of packages.

ServiceInitial SetupMonthly Fee per Service
Hosted Firewall$180$180
Content Filtering $250$75
Web Based Antivirus$250$75
Intrusion Prevention for servers$500$75
Remote Access/Road Warrior$50$20 per 20 users
External VPN Tunnels$50$20 per VPN Tunnel

Hosted Firewall

Comvergence provide a powerful content inspection firewall for certified protection maximum performance and scalability. The firewall is managed by the client/end user.  All firewalls are placed in high availability mode to provide maximum availability and performance. The firewall may also be configured to limit access to the outside from internal users. The firewall includes one external VPN tunnel and has the ability to allow for remote users charged as per the table above.

Remote Access

For individual remote connections requiring non-permanent access into the secured private network. It is enabled via a dedicated VPN client operating on a separate DSL, 3G, ISDN or dialup connection.

VPN tunnels

VPN technology allows enterprises to use the Internet as the public infrastructure and a variety of specialised
protocols to support private communications through the Internet.  VPNs lower network connectivity costs compared to alternatives like traditional leased lines or remote access servers.

Content/Web Filtering

Processes all web content against known malicious URLs to block inappropriate material and malicious scripts including Java
Applets, Cookies, and ActiveX scripts from entering the network. Fortinet, a global security solution provider that Comvergence uses, categorises more than 25 million domains and billions of web pages to ensure its customers steer clear of malware on the Internet. Web content filtering assures improved productivity for enterprise and regulatory compliance for educational institutions.

Web based Antivirus

Detects and eliminates viruses, worms and spyware, in real-time. Scans incoming and outgoing FTP and HTTP traffic including web-based email without degrading Web performance. Antivirus gateways close the vulnerability window by stopping viruses and worms before they enter the network.

LDAP/Active Directory Integration

Provides local Integration with existing Active Directory databases for authentication, useful for providing remote access into the company via the firewall.  LDAP can also be used to track users for content filtering and managing groups for different browsing policies.

Intrusion Prevention

Provides alerts based on a customisable database of more than 1,400 known attack signatures. Stops attacks that evade conventional host-based antivirus systems, with real-time response to fast spreading threats. Stops the most damaging attacks at the network perimeter regardless of whether the network is a wired, wireless, partner extranet or branch office network connection. Also supports behavior-based heuristics adding valuable recognition capabilities beyond simply matching content against known signatures.


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A minimum contract applies to all services

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