Cloud Solution PBX

Comvergence’s Cloud PBX service allows companies to have the basic features of an onsite phone system (fixed PBX) without the associated expense or maintenance.

This solution is suitable for both single and multiple site companies that require flexibility with their phone system. It is ideal for new businesses from 5-200 extensions. The service is offered per single or multiple sites.

Although the Cloud PBX can be used on any Internet Connection, a suitable dedicated or high speed NBN or Fibre connection is preferable and managed IP Phone Handsets from Comvergence are highly recommended. This configuration will assist both in maintaining voice quality and enabling us to provide complete handset support and remote configuration.


  • Unlimited Calls
  • Main Number
  • Direct phone number per handset
  • Voicemail to Email
  • 1st Level (Auto Attendant/IVR)
  • Group Pickup
  • Line Notification(who is on a call/BLF/Indicator light)
  • Night Switch
  • Park/Retrieve
  • Extension level billing
  • 1st Level ring/hunt group
  • Music on hold

Service Fees

Cloud PBX - Per ExtensionSetup FeeMonthly Cost
Unlimited Calls*
No Handset
Entry Level Handset T42
Unlimited Calls*
Mid Range Level Handset T46
Unlimited Calls*
Executive Level Handset T48
Unlimited Calls*
Additional Features (options)Setup FeeMonthly Cost
Directory Numbers (additional main numbers)$11.00$11.00
Dedicated Voice Circuit
(PSTN line required)
IVR (Auto Attendant)$55.00$22.00
Complex IVR (Auto Attendant) Additional Menu Level$55.00$11.00
Optional Onsite Installation (approx $30 per ext)POA
PBX Training (approx $200 for 2 hours)POA
*To achieve ultimate call quality per call you should allow for 90 Kbps per concurrent call.
The voice service may require a PSTN line to activate the dedicated voice circuit. A standard (Telstra) phone line may be installed by Comvergence.
The following charges apply for a standard phone line: Telephone Line $34.95 per month; Connection Charge of $59.00 for in-wiring, Connection Charge of $299 if wiring to First socket/MDF with tech visit required
All equipment is pre-configured and sent directly to site for installation by client or approved channel partner
All services are based on a minimum term

IP Handsets and Network Switches for phone systems

IP Desk phonesCost per Handset
Yealink T42G (3 line IP phone POE Gigabit, HD Voice).$231.00
Yealink T46G (6 line Colour IP phone POE Gigabit, HD Voice).$341.00
Yealink T48G (6 line, Colour, Touch Screen, Gigabit )$451.00
Reception Expansion Board EXP 40 (LCD display up to 20 buttons per page)$181.50
Cordless IP Dect Handsets 
Yealink W56H Handset and Base Station using Dect Technology$231.00
Polycom Conference Boardroom Phones 
Polycom Conference phone IP 5000 POE (small room i.e. 2-3 mtrs)$825.00
Polycom Conference phone IP 6000 POE (medium room i.e. 4-6 mtrs)$1375.00
Polycom Conference phone IP 7000 POE (medium room i.e. 4-6 mtrs)$1650.00
Polycom Conference phone. Real Presesences Trio 8800 IP with built in Wi-Fi$1850.00
Network Switches (8- 28 Port PoE Switches)Cost
Cisco SG 300-10P 10 Port Gigabit Switch POE with 2 combo Mini GBIC$450.00
Cisco SG 300-28P 28 Port Gigabit Switch 24 Port POE$950.00
All equipment is pre-configured and sent directly to site for installation by client or approved channel partner.
All prices include GST. Standard courier charges apply.

Yealink T46G features and services

  • Colour Display
  • 6 Line IP Handset
  • Gigabit Interface
  • HD Voice
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Corporate Directory support via LDAP
  • Redial, Missed, Receive or Place calls
  • CLI (calling number display)
  • DND (do not disturb)
  • Conference up to 3 people
  • Transfer a call to an external number or mobile
  • Bluetooth Headset compatible

Cisco SG300 – 28P Gigabit 24POE Switch

  • Designed for all networks up to 24 PoE
  • Support (PoE) powers up IP Phones
  • Managed Switch
  • Supports Vlans
  • 24 10/1000 POE Ports and 2 Combo Mini GBIC
  • 180W over 24 ports
  • Rack Mount or Wall Mount

Further Information

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