IVR (Auto Attendant)

IVR – Interactive Voice Response or Auto Attendant, allows customers to interact with a company’s database via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition.

The following IVR configurations are available from Comvergence:

IVR ConfigurationInitial CostMonthly Cost
Complex$150.00$30.00 (includes additional IVR level)

The IVR allows for up to 5 different menu options:

  • Press 1 for Support
  • Press 2 for Sales
  • Press 3 for Reception
  • Press 4 for Accounts
  • Press 5 to Repeat the Main Menu

Each menu selection can be labeled (via the CLI) so that the party receiving the call knows which selection was made. For example, if a Sales call comes in the phone will display both “Sales” and the number that the person is calling from (if sent).

Ring Groups and Queues

Once the user has selected one of the menu options above, they will automatically go into what is known as a queue or a ring group.

In a queue, the caller is put on hold, listening to a prescribed message or music.

In a ring group, a defined group of up to 6 phones is rung either all at once, in sequence or randomly and the caller will hear a ringing tone. If the call is not picked up after 30 seconds, the user can automatically be sent to a voicemail box or can be given the following options:

  • Press 1 to continue holding
  • Press 2 to go back to main menu
  • Press 3 to leave a message

At a prescribed point in time the caller, can again be sent to a voicemail predefined voicemail box if the call is still not picked up.

After Hours Message/Divert

The IVR also includes an after-hours night switch, where calls can automatically be routed to an appropriate number or voicemail service at a certain time of day.

Format of Sound Files

Sound files are required to be in WAV use 8kHz 16 bits (Windows PCM Format)

Sound files to be recorded:

  • Main menu introduction and selection
  • After-hours message (if required and if not going to voicemail)
  • In progress message e.g. “Please wait while we connect you” (if required)

Music On Hold must be in MP3 format and no bigger than 5Mb. Only one file can be played. Calls placed on hold or transferred will always play from the start of the message. Music in queues will resume where it last stopped playing.

General Information Required

  • Menu Options
  • Ring Group or Queue Calling Stations
  • After-Hours switch times (if required)
  • Length of Time for Queues/Ring Groups
  • Timeout for Queues/Ring Groups.

Queues (IVR Required):
Queue with Customised On Hold Music (if requested), frequent message updates if you wish to send the Caller to Voicemail, Queue Length/Position Announcements, Queue Callee Options (Multiple Ring Groups, Round Robins) and Frequent Wait message to escape to Voicemail (not in Music on Hold file, only if requested).

Information Required:

  • Ring Groups/Stations/Accounts/Numbers to be included in the Queue
  • Music on Hold (if required)
  • Queue Length and Frequent Message (if required)
  • Round Robin/Ring all Handsets

If on hold music files are not supplied, default music will be played.

Further Information

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