Multiline Solutions

What is a Comvergence Multiline Solution?

Comvergence’s Multiline Solution is a dedicated business service providing between two and thirty (2-30) VoIP telephone (SIP) lines delivered on a private network connection with quality of service (QOS).

The Multiline Solution can be delivered via:

  • Onsite IP PBXs; or
  • Traditional Analogue or ISDN PBXs

The service includes:

  • Between two and thirty VoIP telephone lines
  • Dedicated (private) Voice IP circuit using ADSL or SHDSL connections
  • Local CPE Equipment (modem and gateway as required)
  • Secure VoIP connection (not routed via the Internet)

How does the Multiline Solution work?

Voice DSL Services are assigned a Private LAN IP Address range which is routed on the Comvergence IP Voice Network. These IP addresses can then be allocated to your PBX or Phones/Gateways.


The number of lines chosen will depend on the number of concurrent calls required and the type of Voice Codec being used. Comvergence has designed the Multiline service to operate optimally on the G729a Codec. If you prefer to use G711a you might need to upgrade to a larger multiline.

Small Business*Voice/ DSLNumber of LinesSetup CostMonthly Cost
Multiline 2Yes2$200.00$60.00
Multiline 4Yes4$200.00$99.00
Multiline 6Yes6$200.00$115.00
Multiline 8Yes8$200.00$135.00
Multiline 10Yes10$200.00$150.00
Medium to Large Business**Voice/ SHDSLNumber of LinesSetup CostMonthly Cost
Multiline 10Yes10$300.00$200.00
Multiline 15Yes15$300.00$225.00
Multiline 20Yes20$300.00$275.00
Multiline 30Yes30$300.00$350.00
*Setup cost for Multiline 2 -10 includes a voice modem. Multiline 2-10 is installed on a DSL service. If a naked/ULL service is not available for a Multiline 2-10, then a standard  (Telstra) phone line may be installed by Comvergence at customers expense.
**Setup cost for Multiline 10 -30 does not include SHDSL modem charged at $350. Multiline 10 – 30 is installed on a SHDSL connection.
The prices quoted above are for an end-to-end service delivered over a Naked/ULL service where available.
All services are based on a 12 month contract; 50% off standard setup cost applies to a 24 month contract.
The following charges apply for a standard phone line:
Telephone Line rental @ $34.95 per month. $59.00 connection charge applies for in-wiring,
$299.00 connection charge applies if wiring to first socket/MDF with tech visit if required.

Availability & Requirements

The Multiline Solution is available nationally wherever ADSL/SHDSL is available. The service operates over standard ADSL/SHDSL modems/router. A PSTN phone line may be required for the DSL Service, if Naked ULL services are not available on the exchange of the service address or if you require a PSTN line for Eftpos, Alarm systems or as a backup should the ADSL/SHDSL or power fail. Installation and Telstra rebill of PSTN phone lines can be arranged by Comvergence.

Further Information

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