Voice Service Level Agreement

All individual tails/circuits (Voice DSL Services) and IP Voice Services are covered by a Service Level Agreement to ensure availability of services should they become unavailable. The SLA is based on the type of service supplied, and excludes the following;

  • Planned Network outages
  • Acts, omissions and delays by the customer including installation requirements beyond SLA activation period.
  • Behavior of customer equipment, facilities or applications.
  • Acts of God and any other situations beyond the reasonable control of Comvergence.
  • Unsuitability of the nominated telephone service for an ADSL connection.

Comvergence’s service assurance obligations do not extend to faults caused as a result of:

  • Any fault in equipment, software or any network not forming part of the service or the Comvergence Equipment.
  • Damage from any external cause that may prevent the service or the Comvergence Equipment working.
  • Acts or omissions of the customer.
  • Third party equipment that is not installed by Comvergence
  • The removal of Comvergence Equipment.

Network Unavailability does not include any unavailability resulting from:

  • Planned Network outages
  • Acts or omissions an customer
  • Acts of God and any other situations beyond the reasonable control of Comvergence.
  • Faults in the customer equipment or software.
  • Damage due to external causes, e.g. Vandalism, theft, etc.

This SLA only applies to individual tails or Voice Services.

Comvergence may, but is not obliged to provide the customer with on site technical support. This is a charged service with separate terms and conditions. Comvergence may access customer content and other parts of the service as necessary to identify and resolve technical problems or to respond to service complaints.

Service Assurance
The customer is responsible for isolation and rectification of service faults their own equipment and where applicable their own network. In cases where the Customer believes that the fault is not in the network or End User equipment but in the Comvergence network, the customer must lodge a Support Request with Comvergence via the Comvergence Support Desk on 1300 550 125 or via email to Faults can only be lodged to upstream Carriers during Business Hours, should the fault be outside the Comvergence Network.

Fault Response & Restoration Time
Fault Response Time is the time taken by Comvergence to acknowledge a fault reported during the Service Period.

Minor problem means a service problem that the Customer does not view as critical or major. Minor problems are those that do not significantly affect the End User service.

Major problem means a service problem that seriously affects the End User operation, maintenance, and administration, etc. and requires immediate attention, eg. Reduction of data carrying capacity, unable to make/receive calls from particular destinations, repeated short outages or significant increase in occurrence of Support Requests

Critical problem means a service problem in the Comvergence network that severely affects the End User service, and requires immediate corrective action, e.g. loss of service connectivity, severely degraded service performance.

Response Times for each Category of service:

Minor: 24 Hours     Major: 1 Hour     Critical: 30 Minutes

Restoration Times

Voice Services

SeverityTarget Fault Restoration Time
Critical1 Hour
Major4 Hours
Minor2 Business Days

Voice DSL Tails

SeverityTarget Fault Restoration Time 
Metropolitan AreaRegional Area
CriticalEnd of next Business DayEnd of two Business Days
MajorEnd of two Business DaysEnd of three Business Days
MinorEnd of three Business DaysEnd of four Business Days
1: Subject to the Carrier having access to the End User premises.

Service Rebates
If Comvergence determines in its reasonable commercial judgment that during any calendar month, the Comvergence service was unavailable for a total period longer than six Business Hours, then the Customer account will be credited as follows:

Service Unavailability
(Business Hours)
(Only Recurring Monthly Charges)
Between 6 and 20.5 hours10%
More than 20.5 hours but less than 42.5 hours20%
More than 42.5 hours50%

Business Days are weekdays, excluding National Public and gazetted Holidays, that commence at 8:00am and finish at 6:00pm.
Business Hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm weekdays excluding National Public and gazetted Holidays.

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