Wholesale VoIP

Comvergence provides the following wholesale VoIP services:

  • White label VoIP platform (including integrated billing platform)
  • National Call Collection (Inbound Numbers)
  • National/International Call Termination Services

White Label Hosted VoIP Platform

Comvergence offers a complete VoIP package without the need of running your own VoIP infrastructure, maintaining termination links and billing systems. The VoIP Hosted solution is an ideal method of moving your business into the VoIP World as a VITSP (Virtual Internet Telephony Service Provider).

Our Hosted Solution consists of:

  • Real-time Billing with customisable rate tables, Invoicing, Billing and Payment options; Customers can be set-up as Credit or Debit Customers
  • Tiered call rates based on your call volume
  • Call collection/national geographic numbers as required
  • Network with redundant routing between carriers
  • Local number portability from Telstra, Optus, AAPT and Soul as required
  • Comprehensive services such as voicemail, CLIP, Call Hold/Transfer on all accounts, as required
  • Integrated MasterCard gateway online payment service
  • National Call Collection
  • National/International Call Termination Services

Further Information

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