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Security is a big topic at Comvergence and we are continually investing in our engineers and new solutions to offer the market.

We recently deployed what was our hosted security product from an appliance to our VMware solution, enabling us to deliver the same firewall at a fraction of the cost to clients.


Earlier this year, we embarked on a project to make sure our clients were using our voice solutions either directly on the network over private connections, or with clients and wholesalers connecting to us over the internet to increase their daily security on voice calls.

Data centre image

Data Centre (Photo: Google, via Creative Commons licencing)

As with all online products, there are many underhand operations trying to infiltrate and commit crimes.

One of the very popular voice hacks that occur are external connections made to a handset or IP (Internet protocol) PBX.

In such situations, a couple of basic password guesses are attempted and, if successful, the phone is taken over and used to make calls on behalf of unscrupulous companies overseas. Needless to say this has cost some companies on our network thousands of dollars.


To manage this risk, we have put in place several strict rules:

  • Apply a reasonable credit risk;
  • Block off access to our network from several suspecting countries;
  • Raise an alarm instantly if our system picks up suspicious international calls made out of your account;
  • Reduce the credit limit to zero to avoid further calls been made.
  • Close off old accounts.

We have taken a number of precautions on the network to ensure that your VoIP services are secured.

Our system automatically polls for suspicious international voice calls. If we see a spike of calls to those international destinations we will automatically block that account for international calls until you confirm they are legitimate.

This security feature has already saved some of our clients thousands of dollars.

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