Why Comvergence

We’re the partner you can trust to deliver reliable, end-to-end communication services for your business.

Our Story

We’ve been operating in Australia as a privately-held, independently licenced telecommunications carrier for over 14 years. In that time, we’ve witnessed the industry go through major changes. We’ve built trust and respect through strong, long-term supplier relationships with strategic carriers. We’re proud of all we’ve achieved for our customers. We’re successful because we focus on one key area – communications. By continually reinvesting, upgrading and improving our network, we’ll always deliver consistent high-speed internet, crystal clear voice services and secure firewalls for our customers. And because our internet infrastructure is only for our business customers, it’s clean and fast with no competition for bandwidth.

We’re a straight-shooting company who says it like it is. We’re small enough to care, but big enough to deliver reliable essential communication services. Our clients range from privately-owned businesses to large national companies; health care providers to ASX200-listed entities. Our team of trusted technical, admin, support and sales staff live and breathe our values and want nothing more than to care for our loyal clients. Many of our team have been with us for over 10 years and know our clients’ networks like the back of their hands.

We all take pride in the delivery of our work and always strive to deliver the best outcome for all our clients.

Our People

Brian Michaels

Chief Executive Officer

I am a highly-driven, customer-focused management professional and telecommunications entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ industry experience.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak and combined with a little luck, I started in the telecommunications industry at just right time. Starting in account management at high-growth company Internet Solutions, I rose through the ranks to eventually take on new product development. The skills I learned there laid the groundwork for branching out into my own telecommunications company, Comvergence.

Navigating a move to Australia, and then the early years of startup life, taught me a lot about how to manage customer relationships effectively. Our deep domain expertise, combined with a commitment to excellent customer service, paid off in solid growth year after year. 14 years later, Comvergence is an Australian leader in tailored internet and telecommunications solutions.

As CEO, I drive our company’s strategic vision, empower the operations and sales teams, and innovate in this ever-dynamic industry. At Comvergence, providing exceptional customer experiences is the core of what we do. I am privileged to lead a highly-experienced team. One dedicated to creating a world where our customers can focus on what drives their growth, without distraction.

Ryan Van Klaveren

Technical Director

I’m a deeply-experienced software engineer and network specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in IT and telecommunications.

I’ve always been drawn to innovative, technology-based companies and love being amongst a rapidly shifting IT landscape.

I started my own IT business in 1998 and then worked across several network administration and engineering roles in three different countries. I gained the bulk of my experience at Internet Solutions (SA) and later Power Net (UK), eventually being asked to join the team at Comvergence in 2008.

In the 10 years I’ve been with Comvergence, I’ve been involved with every aspect of the business, from solving technical issues for customers to managing teams on the ground, and sales.

I enjoy mentoring and supporting our incredible team, developing the business strategy and solving customer problems with the latest cutting-edge technology solutions. It’s immensely satisfying to see a customer thrive after you’ve implemented a solution that really fits with their business.