Comvergence strives for excellence in customer service. At Comvergence we pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the best, customer-friendly, ISP’s in Australia. However, we understand that things do not always go as planned. It may be that you don’t agree with your bill or perhaps the staff member you contacted did not address your concern correctly. Whatever your concern may be, we want to hear about it.

It is your right to complain and this feedback helps us to continually better our services for you and other customers.


At Comvergence we consider a complaint to be any expression of dissatisfaction made to us in relation to our products, services, or our complaints handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected by you.

We do not necessarily consider an initial call to request a service, information or support, a complaint. Similarly, we do not generally consider an initial call to report a fault or service difficulty to be a complaint. However, if a customer advises that they want an initial call treated as a complaint, we will also treat this initial call as a complaint. Where we are unsure, we will ask if you wish to make a complaint and we will rely on your response.


Anyone can make a complaint. However, where a complaint relates to a specific account, this may only be raised by the Account Holder or their Authorised Representative.

We will also help anyone who needs assistance to formulate, lodge and progress any complaint with us (e.g. customers with disabilities).


You can make a complaint, or check the progress of an existing complaint, by contacting us by one of the following methods:

  • Email –
  • Telephone – 1300 550 125 (option 2)

We recommend lodging your complaint by email to receive the fastest response.

Please quote your unique Comvergence complaint reference number when checking the progress of an existing complaint.


A complaint made by phone will be acknowledged immediately by the customer service agent that is handling the complaint, and you will be provided with a unique Comvergence complaint reference number.

A complaint made by email, post, or voicemail with no direct contact with a staff member will be acknowledged within 2 working days of receipt of the complaint with a Comvergence complaints reference number provided via the preferred contact method.


Comvergence aims to resolve all complaints in an objective, efficient and fair manner.

When you contact Comvergence to lodge a complaint, one of our customer service agents will try to resolve your issue or service difficulty at that time. If they are unable to resolve your issue at the time, they may escalate your issue or service difficulty to an appropriate department or team leader to resolve the matter.

Complaints can differ in nature and complexity and some complaints will require more time than others. We aim to have all complaints resolved within 15 working days of the day the complaint was initially received (2 working days for Urgent Complaints). Where we are unable to meet these timeframes, we will contact you and explain the reasons for the delay and provide you with a new time frame for resolving your complaint.

The outcome of your complaint will be communicated to you via your preferred contact method. We will not implement any resolution of your complaint until the proposed resolution is accepted by you. It is important to note that raising a complaint will not expedite or fast-track any faults or service difficulties you may be experiencing due to wholesale or technical limitations.


A complaint is considered urgent if it falls under one of the following categories:

  • You have applied for or have been accepted as being in Financial Hardship under Comvergence Financial Hardship Policy and where the nature of the complaint can reasonably be presumed to directly contribute to or aggravate your Financial Hardship. See our Financial Hardship Policy for further information.
  • If your service is about to be disconnected (or has been disconnected) and this has happened in error. Please note that Comvergence does not offer a Priority Assistance Scheme.


If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, there are further options available. You may request further escalation of your complaint for review by the next level of management. Although we aim to resolve every complaint that is raised with us reasonably and fairly, we do realise that sometimes proposed resolutions will not be mutually agreeable. After Comvergence has proposed multiple resolutions to a complaint, that you deem to be unacceptable, you may reject the resolutions offered and request to close the complaint as dissatisfied.

At Comvergence we consider that most issues can be resolved by our internal processes and request that you give us a reasonable opportunity to address your complaint. If you are still not satisfied with our response after escalating your complaint within Comvergence, you may consider external dispute resolution options. This may include seeking dispute mediation or assistance from the

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (telephone 1800 062 058).


When submitting a complaint, we require the following minimum information to process and action the complaint as quickly and as efficiently as possible:

  • Company Name
  • Comvergence Account Number (where the complaint relates to a specific account)
  • Account Holder’s Full Name (where the complaint is made by an Authorised Representative)
  • Preferred contact method
  • Preferred contact time (during normal business hours)
  • Area of Issue (e.g. Service/Connection Fault, Billing, Relocation of Service, Other)
  • Complaint relating to (Internet, VoIP, NBN Service, Billing Charges or Dispute, Complaint Handling Policy/Procedure, Comvergence Policies/Procedures, Comvergence Staff, Other)
  • Details of complaint
  • Your desired resolution/outcome


If English is not your first language, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs provides a translating and interpreting service.

They can be contacted on 123 14 50


To contact Comvergence please use any of the contact details on our website or contact us on 1300 550 125


We may update this policy from time to time by posting a new version on our website. You should check this page occasionally to stay up to date with any changes.

We may also notify our customers of changes to this policy by email.