Anti-bribery and corruption

Comvergence has a zero-tolerance and acceptance towards bribery, kickbacks and corruption. We understand that business relationships rely on trust. Bribery and corruption abuses that trust. For this reason, Comvergence does not accept or pay bribes nor do we partake in corrupt practices.

We are committed to identifying and preventing bribery and corruption within our organisation. Our business practices are transparent, sufficiently documented and above suspicion.

Each of our team members is responsible for making sound decisions in Comvergence’s best interest within the scope of their individual responsibilities and delegated authority levels.

Diversity and belonging policy

Comvergence recognises, values and respects the importance of diversity within the workplace. We’re building an inclusive culture that embraces the diversity of our people; where every team member feels safe to share their own unique capabilities, experiences and perspectives.

Comvergence believes in ensuring equal rights and treatment of all employees, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, age, handicap, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social background, or political views.

Modern Slavery Statement

The term “modern slavery” refers to a range of serious forms of exploitation including forced labour, debt bondage, servitude, forced marriage, the worst forms of child labour, human trafficking and slavery.

Comvergence understands and acknowledges that modern slavery may be present without our knowledge within our supply chain. We are committed to developing our understanding of the modern slavery risks within our supply chain.

We intend to constantly work in partnership with our suppliers, customers and partners to promote ethical practices which minimise the risk of modern slavery in our supply chains.

Workplace health and safety policy

Comvergence is committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment for all of its team members and visitors. We comply with relevant work health and safety legislation and Codes of Practice whilst ensuring that relevant information is provided to all team members.