Reduce costs and simplify your telecommunications

SIP Trunks give the quality and reliability of traditional phone lines at a fraction of the cost. There is no need to pay for PSTN or ISDN lines while your existing phone system is configured to send/receive calls over the internet.

SIP Trunks are great for businesses of all sizes and offer better flexibility and improved functionality over traditional phone lines. Using SIP trunks you can reduce your fixed line communication costs by as much as 50%.

Key Benefits of SIP Trunks

  • Save on call costs

    Reduce your telephony costs instantly with low, local and long distance rates.

  • Improve your customer’s experience

    Deliver a higher standard of service to your PBX by replacing traditional telephone lines.

Included Features:
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Caller ID and caller ID restriction
  • Call Forward, Call Divert and Follow-me
  • Call Waiting, Call Hold and Call Transfer
  • Hunt Group
  • Failover Support

How SIP Trunking works

A VoIP service is setup on your on-site PBX or VoIP equipment which connects back to our voice network via the Internet or a dedicated voice circuit from Comvergence. All calls from your on-site PBX are then sent via VoIP.

SIP Diagram

Enable VoIP on your existing telephone system with an ISDN Gateway

Get more from your current phone system and VoIP enable it. This enables you to then take advantage of the cost savings and features of SIP trunking, without the need to replace your legacy telephone system.

Which gateway you require will depend on your current phone system.

How an ISDN gateway works

ISDN Gateway

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