How much is this cloud going to cost me? My phone bill will go through the roof – literally!

Actually, quite the opposite will happen. Compared to traditional – or legacy – telecom systems, cloud or Hosted PBX is a low-cost investment with benefits that
include low-cost set-up, more affordable monthly maintenance and management fees and, best of all, negligible call costs.

Essentially, we provide dedicated private lines for our VoIP services, meaning reduced savings for our customers. Plus, using the same technology for a dedicated voice-only service and not sharing voice with the internet means security and quality of service are even higher. In our book, that’s even more affordable peace of mind for you and your business.

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Is this going to create more work for me, my business and my IT team?

No, on the contrary. Two key benefits of a hosted solution are: 1) your provider is the specialist on this type of service, it’s what they live and breathe every day whereas your IT team will likely have multiple responsibilities across other technology matters; 2) your IT team don’t have to fret about the phone system and are free to focus on other critical tasks and responsibilities.

How secure is it? Is my business safe?

Safe as houses. And we don’t mean to sound flippant by that. Because it’s digital and virtual, IP telecommunications are encrypted, just like any other online security-critical service, such as internet credit card payment systems.

By comparison, old copper phone lines are far less secure: with basic equipment, almost anyone can tap into your confidential conversations.

Why do we need to go virtual?

If you’re not there, it’s a surefire bet that your competitors will be. Besides, aspects such as improved bandwidth, ever-improving hardware and software and better VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) technology, are very convincing reasons to not only trust this platform but to positively embrace it.

Is it even reliable?

You bet. Back-up, resiliency, consistency of connection – they are all critical elements built in to our hosted packages. Our own network around Australia,
anchored by dedicated connections between Melbourne and Sydney and interconnected between all three data centres in Melbourne enables us to deliver
fast, effective VoIP, Internet, VPN and data services and solutions.

Our point of difference and the value-add for your business lies in our supported services including private networking, IP address allocation plus managed routers with reliable fail-over facility between different carriers.