If your business has yet to connect with the cloud, we have just one simple question: what are you waiting for?

Much has been made recently of the growing emphasis on mobile in relation to how we connect and communicate, how mobile will affect
industries such as retail, not to mention how content is being increasingly consumed.

Underpinning this is the ongoing shift in business towards cloud computing and while the main issues to date include storage and security,
communicating via the cloud is only going to become more prevalent.

The cloud is calling (Photo: venturebeat.com)

(The cloud is calling. Photo: venturebeat.com)

From a communications perspective, it essentially boils down to hosted solutions.

Previously, business managers have relied on phone systems they could see and touch.

Today, hosted PBX – or cloud PBX – is a service and an operating expense, NOT a capital asset or capital overhead (with equally expensive maintenance costs). Simply BYOD (bring your own device) and let your host handle the rest: day-to-day phone system management and maintenance, including back-up, system and software upgrades.

Moreover, the main cost benefit of cloud or hosted PBX is truly compelling. Consider this: with a standard phone service plan, businesses would likely have experienced some changes or fluctuation in the monthly bills, regardless of the contract they signed. Plus, it was an extra expense alongside a separate internet plan.

With a hosted solution, businesses are leveraging existing infrastructure with a plan that effectively allows managers to predict – and therefore control – the monthly bill.

Need more convincing? Quite simply, hosted PBX is versatile, scalable, convenient and accessible 24/7/365, come rain, hail or shine (imagine your old phone systems stuffed because a tree has brought down the phone lines in a storm!).

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