Security is a major focus point at Comvergence and we are continually investing in our engineers and new solutions to offer the market.

We recently upgraded our hosted security product’s delivering a combination of dedicated high availability firewall appliances and virtual VMware solution’s, enabling us to deliver a mix of services. The new upgraded solutions operate in High Availability and offer a range of intrusion detection, network analysis and detailed reporting.


Security is a primary priority when connecting any service to the Internet as there are many underhand operations trying to infiltrate and commit crimes.

Comvergence continuously update and improve our security services by taking additional precautions to ensure we provide a secure voice platform to our clients.


Cloud PBX platform

By using our Cloud pbx platform, Comvergence manages the security of the entire system, with traffic only traversing our private voice network without any access to the internet (Air-gapped), and communication with our platforms is encrypted (TLS).

Our team manage the certificates, provisioning and security of all endpoints so you don’t have to.

Business VoIP / SIP Products

If you’re using your own PBX or Comvergence SIP trunks, Comvergence are unique in taking several additional steps to help protect our clients and minimize impact if your PBX does get compromised.

  • Restricting international calls without your authorization
  • Automatically limit the daily and monthly spend on your accounts