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Have you considered just how much difference a high speed business internet provider would make to your business and your customers’ experiences with your business?

As a case in point, let’s look at the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic won his 7th Australian Open this year, retaining his number one title in World Tennis.

And, since 1998 it has either been Federer, Nadal or Novak in one of the grand slam finals. Between the three of them, they have taken 252 titles in that period and they still continue to dominate.

In stark contrast to the slow pace of winner rotation on the court, the high speed technology used during the event has changed dramatically in recent years.

How business high speed internet enhances consumer experiences

In the Australian Open, technology makes the game exciting and thrilling for spectators. It also means players have accurate data on their performance with every match, set and game.

Media companies and sports organisations alike gather an incredible amount of real-time statistics, and new advanced 3D imagery makes it possible to highlight replays with micro-precision. The data is processed and rendered off-site and then broadcast to millions within seconds of each point. This is all done over IP technology using high speed Fibre Gigabyte connections and delivers an exceptional experience to those watching.

High Speed Business Internet Providers 3D Imagery

The businesses creating these incredible graphics and 3D imagery would not be thriving without high speed business internet because, simply, they wouldn’t be able to do their job.

The importance of high speed internet to your business

The Australian Open is just one example of how high speed business internet technology is making a massive difference to businesses.  

Now, of course, not every business needs instant replays and technical 3D imagery served in seconds. But if you do want to grow and develop your business, you need mature internet solutions that can grow with you. You need to question the status quo, not just put up with the service you have.

So how do you choose a high speed business internet provider? Especially given all certainly aren’t created equal. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Support: What support is on offer? Many large, big brand high speed internet providers do not provide ongoing, 24×7 support in Australia. At Comvergence, we know how important it is to have someone to talk to when things (infrequently) go wrong. Our Support Team is a close-knit group who you’ll get to know.

2. Fibre: What do you do with your business internet? Host teleconferences? Deliver video footage online? Transfer large files inside and outside the organisation? These days the base standard for any business should be high speed fibre internet. But what bandwidth you have access to (from 100Mbps to 1Gbps) will depend on what you need it for. Comvergence will tailor your fibre connection to what suits your business, so you’ll have the right speed for your business, and won’t be paying for more than you need.  

3. Uptime: What is their uptime guarantee? There’s nothing worse than not being able to access the internet when you have a deadline. What measures are in place to handle outages? What guarantees do the high speed business internet providers offer? Comvergence’s uptime guarantee is 99.99% uptime when back-up solutions are in place.

Will your business stay ahead of the internet technology curve?

High speed business internet providers helping you stay ahead of the technology curve

Internet and VoIP services are maturing every day. Savvy businesses know they need to adopt the latest high speed internet technology and cloud offerings to stay ahead of the curve and streamline their businesses. The internet is, after all, a critical business tool. Bandwidth, speed and reliability are so important.

However, so many businesses just accept the status quo. They connected their internet a while ago, it’s mostly been fine… so they just leave it be.



JUST Stop for a second and consider THAT.

Is it worth the risk not investing a little time investigating high speed business internet with 99.99% uptime guarantees? Let alone the benefits increased internet speed could bring to your team’s productivity.  

How can new high speed internet technology help your business?

You’re likely to compare rates and benefits with electricity, loans and insurance companies from time to time; but have you ever compared high speed business internet providers to see if you can get a better deal?

It’s worth looking into.

And by “better deal” we don’t just mean price. We mean a better fit for what your business needs and what a better solution could do to elevate your business.

How Comvergence can help you access the right high speed internet for your business

Comvergence is a national network Internet and VoIP provider who’s been in the internet game for over 14 years. We know our stuff and we’re not afraid to fight for the best solution for your business.

We’re excited by the growing trend of small to medium businesses adopting high speed fibre services as an essential tool.

Bandwidth is a bit similar to Moore’s Law as it keeps doubling itself every year, with 100Mbps lines becoming the basic standard for most businesses.

Typical fibre speeds are now available at almost all sites with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps.

At Comvergence, we create unique internet solutions that perfectly fit with your business. We understand that reliable, cost-effective, high speed business internet is crucial to your growth.

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