Online collaborative tools for customer communication are increasingly popular, and emails are still the go-to for many businesses. But, as you know, your business still needs to be contactable by clients, customers and suppliers at a moment’s notice. Nothing beats a phone call for building relationships, answering queries and converting sales.  

As your business grows, you soon see that the quality and reliability of your telecommunications makes a massive difference to your operations and customer service. Managed VoIP is a popular choice for small and medium enterprises thanks to its quality, reliability and opportunity for cost savings.

Here’s a bit more about Managed VoIP and how it could make a difference to your business.

What is Managed VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using the internet, rather than a traditional landline. It’s increasingly the only way to make phone calls, but the quality can be dependent on the reliability and bandwidth available on your internet network.

That’s why Managed VoIP works best when you have a dedicated provider, like us. We can guarantee a high quality VoIP solution thanks to our own internet links across the country. By operating and managing our own network, we can separate the Voice and Data services on the same high speed internet line. Ultimately this means we can ringfence 20% of the line for Voice, guaranteeing the quality, while leaving 80% for data – all for one simple monthly subscription per phone.  

What is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX is the system on which Managed VoIP is delivered. A cloud Public Branch Exchange (PBX) system is the technology providers, like us, use to route any calls. It’s what gives us the flexibility to re-route a call from your office desk phone number to your mobile when you’ve just stepped out to grab a coffee.

Back in the day, PBX systems were made up of bulky, costly hardware that took up valuable storage space and were labour-intensive to maintain. Nowadays, modern businesses host their PBX in the cloud.

Instead of data being stored on a computer, or piece of hardware, it’s stored and transferred on the internet. What this means for you is that your telephony service is not bound to traditional lines and can be connected to any internet enabled device meaning your team aren’t bound to their desks.

This offers unparalleled flexibility for your business.

How Managed VoIP will transform your business

#1 Reliable Phone Connection

Matched with sufficient bandwidth for your call volumes, Managed VoIP ensures you have a reliable phone connection 24/7. This reliability is dependent on the quality of the provider who looks after your Managed VoIP service. At Comvergence, we’re dedicated to our Cloud PBX clients and ensuring their telephony needs are always on. And, for any rare issues, you can talk to our Australian-based team for advice.

#2 Great Quality Sound

Managed VoIP offers better sound quality than most cloud calling solutions, including Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams Calling. At Comvergence, our strong network infrastructure and quality provisioning always ensures the highest quality.

#3 Simplified Telephony/Calling for your Business

A Managed VoIP solution from us will simplify all your telephony needs.

  • You can re-route calls to your mobile instantly for flexible working.
  • Our handsets are incredibly simple to set up, use and add to as your business grows.
  • No big upfront installation costs, and no complex phone setups.
  • No complex bills. Your budget is set in stone for peace of mind thanks to our simple model that includes handset rental, call charges and Cloud PBX.

#4 Improved Call Security

Call security is vital. At Comvergence, our VoIP/Cloud PBX can be run over a private line and encrypted for additional security.

Why choose Comvergence for your Managed VoIP services?

We were providing VoIP long before it was sexy. It’s one of our core services and our team is deeply experienced in the world of Cloud PBXs. In fact, we now manage over 50,000 phone numbers!

Our customers are front and centre for our entire team. We’re a dedicated, close-knit medium-sized business; just like yours, which means we understand your challenges and the value of delivering on our promises.

Best of all, you can keep working on your core business while we manage the complex infrastructure and telco relationships necessary to keep your business contactable.

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