Video conferencing experts transition to new converged VoIP & data system

Video conferencing equipment distributor Transition Systems Australia knows its business success rests on reliable, seamless connectivity and communications infrastructure.

So regular outages of the company’s old ISDN phone lines and internet, sometimes lasting half a day or more, inevitably prompted a review of their existing telco systems provider.

“Melbourne is the hub for our Sydney and WA operations. All our 1300 numbers come through there so if Melbourne goes down, everyone is off the air,” Transition’s National Services Manager Joe Bader explains.

“Phone, email and internet are critical for our operations. As well as reliable equipment and connectivity, we need the peace of mind that comes with consistent connection plus a dependable back-up system.

“Being a technology communications company, communications are obviously vital. We need to have a reliable network for product demonstration purposes and use video conferencing ourselves between our Melbourne and Sydney sites.”

Bader says the IT infrastructure cost was also a big issue as Transition is a small company of just 18 people.

Realising the potential benefits in a unified communications system, Bader engaged VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), network and internet service provider Comvergence to craft a solution that included porting their existing numbers from ISDN to a managed VoIP network, plus 10Mbps back-up.

Now, Transition’s Melbourne and Sydney sites each run a 10Mbps link, adding reliability and peace of mind for their video conferencing and product demonstration capabilities, with plans to move all remaining phone lines over to VoIP.

“The difference has been very noticeable,” says Bader.

“Not only was it a seamless transition between phone systems but the reduction in costs in our phone calls is huge and has made a positive difference on our revenue.

“More importantly, we found Comvergence understood our needs better than past providers. They made sure of listening to everything we said we wanted to achieve and then went off and developed a tailored solution.

“We have not had a moment where we haven’t had a constant internet connection. The back-up service is seamless.”